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Hello readers!

This is Katie, Grace's alter-ego - she would like me to let you know that she is taking a short (couple of weeks or so) hiatus from blogging because I am under a lot of stress from work at the moment, what with the 'whacked' schedule, and assignment deadlines, and suddenly needing to know more than is possible at this point about who to refer to what, and she is feeling a bit bogged down, and rather saddened by the constant normalisation of shit that she can't stand in the media (lots of "what am I going to do...? it will never go away...I am never going to get over this" from Grace's corner). The third person thing, the separating of me from Grace is necessary at this present time in order to keep on top of the above, but it will pass and Grace will be back with the following:

  • How women MADE the pen industry and made Birmingham the pen capital of the world
  • Ugly Betty - the phenomenon that is
  • Recently acquired music, mostly by women
  • T3 and Stuff...grrr
*grace comes back for a sec* Just ran in quickly to tell you that Sainsbury's in Oldbury, West Midlands is also covering their lads mags with blue things so we don't have to look at the covers! Grand! Although I was perplexed to see a 'sealed' insert with Company magazine all about breasts, do you want them smaller, bigger, perkier? And some real women who bravely show us theirs...in a sealed section in a magazine meant for people who have such body parts...but for people who have opposing parts - free for all the gaze and dribble at whether you want to or not! Bye!

*door slams shut*

bbs everyone! *waves*

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At 14/1/07 18:38, Blogger Michelle said...

It's obvious why that mag. supplement was sealed, it shows real breasts. Heaven forbid, a lad mag reader should accidentally come across that or that it should be made easy for women to see their own bodies, in their natural form. :)

And I'm looking forward to your thoughts on "recently aquired woman music", I've been aquiring more of that myself lately and lovin' it.

At 15/1/07 01:29, Blogger AradhanaD said...

Have a nice break Grace.

At 15/1/07 08:55, Blogger Grace said...

p.s. that sainsbury's is a different one to the one I mentionned before - has anyone else seen blue things blocking the covers of ladsmags from public blue in their local sains?

Ah but Michelle - one of the ladsmags was showing 100 real women in bikinis or some such thing...is that not the same?? =P *please note sarcasm*

thanks AradhanaD! I will try!

At 15/1/07 19:40, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

It will all just be waiting - when you get back grace.


At 15/1/07 20:22, Blogger Grace said...

Oh yes I know sparkle! i'm certainly not expecting it to have gone away when I come back, hence the "it will never go away...etc"

Just need to take some time when i'm only looking at blogs in my sparce spare time (such as now because hand is too achey to write anymore after 5 hours in the library writing constantly) and not blogging because I have some hectic times ahead and can't afford to be so bogged down otherwise i'll fail my course which would just be rubbish!

x grace x

At 25/1/07 07:42, Blogger Teri said...

If you want to be a good feminist, read up on the suffragettes. They wanted the genders to be equal.

Today's feminist movement degrades men. Now they say men are the enemy.

Men are not the enemy.

Did you know women hit men more than men hit women? And moms are more likely to hurt a child than dads. We aren't angels. We're not better than men.

Please look at how feminist organizations fight equal parenting laws. The studies they quote have been debunked and they know it. Studies now show shared parenting is best for kids.

Why would any card-carrying feminist fight equality?

At 25/1/07 08:36, Blogger Grace said...

Good points Teri, thanks for that.

I'm not against equality personally as I noted way back in a post regarding someone asking me 'what kind of feminist I am'

i would like it if 'individualist feminist' meant what I wanted it to but it sounds more like socialism from descriptions i've read.

I agree with equality, although I would not wish to make it so broad as just between men and women - I think that is the major divide that we focus on as feminists, but I think if EVERYONE could be treated equally - and by that I do not mean treated the same, I mean given the same consideration for their individual needs (read: broad term covering aspects of life) - in a word, in a CJS buzz-word, Diversity.

I don't hate men but I do hate misogyny and that is a key factor in what prevents reprieve from inequality. I accept your points about violence towards men but the fact is that men biologically can often cause more harm to a woman than the other way round (biologically = testosterone, body shape and muscle distribution), and in terms of sexual violence there are almost no cases of women being perpetrators as far as I have found.

At 25/1/07 12:26, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Or how about something really simple teri such as “men stop telling us how to run our feminism and listen for a change”

And we do not need men to suggest how to be a "good" feminist.

This is feminism defined by women -what bit is so difficult to understand.

I will repeat "stop trying to tell us what to do" and "how to do it"

At 25/1/07 17:45, Blogger Grace said...

huh i kinda figured teri was a woman, like teri as in teri hatcher or short for teresa...if teri is in fact terry then the reaction would be slightly different - hope that doesn't make me a hypocrite- but it's one thing when a fellow feminist or woman is responding to my request for guidance, and another when yet another man is explaining to ME how to be a feminist.

Diversity-feminism withstanding.

At 25/1/07 18:15, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Mmm sounds like a man to my radar. May be wrong and if I am - I am also fed up of male apologists. They really do not need them, got the whole world bowing and scraping at their feet. In addition, if I have to explain that *I* *we* whatever, do not HATE men I will scream!

People want to research feminism first before believing all the media propaganda.

Sorry Grace I'm just in a bit of a grump :-)

At 25/1/07 22:00, Blogger Grace said...

No worries Sparkle. I've been like it all day! But my second assignment of the 2 horribly close together ones in now done and just needs checking so i'll be back to blogging soon which has cheered me up.

If you really want something to fume about: http://awomanagainstfeminism.blogspot.com/

Maybe America is actually completely run by overbearing ball busting women and all that warmongering and anti-arbortion a la Bush clap trap is all propaganda! Or maybe not...

At 26/1/07 14:48, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Oh wow, yes I had a look at the link.
Hmm, yes well :-/


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