I purchased this bag yesterday. It says goddess on it! Well actually it says mambo goddess, and I must confess i've never done mambo although i've done my fair share of Latin American dancing - 14 exam certificates thank you very much - but i liked this bag because it says goddess on it and I like the design. I wish I knew more about all the goddess stuff (that sentence in itself displaying my thickery) because a lot of people mention/blog/post about it and it seems very interesting. Yeah Grace, take on ANOTHER thing to fill your life reading about...i'm sure it would be worth it though!

Another great thing about this bag is that some silly people who go in Selfridge's all the time and pride themselves on having stupidly expensive stuff probably bought this bag for £27.50, I got it for £9.99. Oh yes.

Sometimes I think i'm a bit shallow with consuming. Wish I could just keep my eyes closed while walking past Ann Summers, 4front, Clinton Cards, HMV, Virgin Megastore, WHSmiths, etc though!



At 8/1/07 20:00, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

okay you feminist bag goddess :-)

At 9/1/07 14:08, Blogger Robert Jackman said...

Nice bag - a much nicer sight than all that garish Playboy merchandise of a few posts back. I used to work in Claire's Accessories, and would make a point of asking the pre-teens who'd buy Playboy merch if they knew what 'the bunny' stood for.
I've just done a post on date rape which you may be interested in :)

At 9/1/07 23:21, Blogger Grace said...

oh Sparkle you do flatter!

That was some very responsible retail action Robert! Great post that you made also, and hopefully as Sparkle has linked it, it will get a lot of views.


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