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Nothing of substance to say at the moment even though I know I have things to blog about but the events are getting further and further into the past (i.e. Christmas with Dee's family and discussing my supposed 'feminist manifesto' with men who i've known since the ages of 3 and 11) but i'm rather tired of late so i'm going for the old fashioned 'this is what i'm up to' post tonight.

::: Was supposed to go to a parole board hearing today but it was canceled yesterday (yeah they're really considerate like that) so instead I sat in the office trying to do my assignment and feeling ill and trying not to fall asleep. Later in the day I observed a supervision with this really cocky offender, just a real lad, and I was thinking "how am I going to deal with someone like that?" because as of next week I will have at least one person to supervise weekly.

::: Then the woman I observed with chatted to me about offenders generally and serious offenders, and rapists and murderers and I read some things, and it was kind of grim but I have to get used to it. Some of the things she told me that I can't really say because of confidentiality though made my skin crawl, and I think it's supposed to to be honest. I'd worry if I was desensitised to it - one of our lecturers told us of someone he knew who was seeing a prisoner who detailed his offence to him and the guy ran out of the room and was sick right over the balcony because of what he heard.

::: Going to leicester tomorrow for the student rep forum, which will probably be pointless but i'm doing my part for my colleagues.

::: Been reading a lot of my usual blogs and seeing that there is tension between bloggers and I feel like i've missed the boat on it all because i'm generally quite oblivious to things and I don't know so much if i've established myself as part of a community, if one exists, where I would be aware. I suppose I should just spend less time working and more time reading...oops no can't do that! Need this job!

::: We're going to look at a house next week, as our lease will be up in a couple of months and really we want a house because we have too much stuff, so if we can find somewhere ASAP and give notice it should be fine - not that they should quibble "You want to move out after you asked us to extend your lease for 3 months, when you've had no hot water for the last 2 and no one has lifted a finger to help you despite the fact that you don't actually own the property or any of it's fixtures/fittings/furniture? Preposterous!"

It looks really nice from the picture of the front of it though which is saying something because rented properties often look shabby compared to their 'for sale' friends. Also I really just want to not live in the city anymore because I feel like a pseudo-yuppy when people say "ooh powsh" when I tell them where I live. I want a house with my own furniture and my random kooky ornaments on proud display!

::: I WILL STOP GOING ON ABOUT MY LACK OF HOT WATER I PROMISE! I'm just generally a warm person and get hot and flustered easily so my skin, especially in the mornings after getting of bed, is usually really really warm so cold water feels even colder and i'm a big wimp!

::: Feel a lot like i'm going to fall asleep all day lately, probably because my neighbours listen to rubbish music between the hours of 9pm and 1 am ish and around 7am some mornings - i'm up anyway but not in the mood for so good ol' R N B (which I detest anyway for the fact that the B now stands for Base instead of Blues and Rhythm and Blues is so much better).

::: So I had a little look at wikipedia's long list of feminist factions - didn't make things any clearer. i sound like a radical but I feel like a fake saying that because i don't really feel good enough to call myself that, it's what I aspire to if I have to aspire to a label, but I don't know enough! i haven't read enough - my attention span and general guilt for not doing work have thus far prevented me from becoming a fountain of womanly knowledge. I'll just stick to me-feminism. It's worked so far!

So that was entirely uninteresting wasn't it! Well, it's my blog! To save the day, here's some xkcd (http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/youtube.png)



At 5/1/07 12:43, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Don't worry about moaning grace, I like hearing about what people have done :-)

At 5/1/07 14:46, Blogger Grace said...

Yay! Thanks Sparkle,

well i've done a fat lot of nothing today because i'm ill =( so I couldn't go to leicester because facing the train journey while feeling constantly nauseated wasn't a good plan.

I've just got up to get some food and even though I know a crisp sandwich isn't the way to go for a healthy life still i'm not sure I care today! It's low-everything marj and low fat crisps though!

Apparently the landlord is finally doing something with regard to actually contacting the plumber himself so HOPEFULLY the water will be fix soon and I can shut up about it!

right, off to sit in bed with a book, some music, some needlework (i like craft!) and my health-free sandwich!

At 5/1/07 16:33, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

I like crips sarnies - even full fat ones!

At 6/1/07 01:04, Blogger Grace said...

Well yes, I do like the full fat ones but i'm not one of those people with a super fast metabolism so every so often I have to listen to my mom telling me how people with excess fat around their waistlines are more likely to suffer from heart disease - and i know it's true and she's 'concerned' but it feels a bit like insults from the old days of calling me fat and horrible masked as concern!

Wow look at my issues! All that over a sandwich. Oh well, I had a mars bar for breakfast yesterday so i'm obviously not THAT bothered! The sandwich was good too =)

At 6/1/07 12:41, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Hell yes! messages from our parents are difficult to shift - even when we are adults.


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