What a girl wants, what a girl needs

He does the ironing! He tells you that you look beautiful ALL the time!

This was in Boots. Boots, which I have grown to realise doesn't do much other than reinforce stereotypes of women needing to primp and preen themselves with endless shelves of products and electrical appliances. While men have the odd 'male grooming kit'. I'm not going to lie, I like Boots generally, and I like 'pampering' myself from time to time, because hey i'm worth it (ha ha), but it's hardly balanced, and why shouldn't men feel the same?

Anyway, the point is - this DVD - yuk. Where would women be without a man to them how fantastic they are? There is no way that they could feel this of themselves through their achievements and have natural pride in themselves without some designer man in a vest telling them, is there? While it's nice to receive positive words of encouragement from one's other half, this DVD (the text on the back which unfortunately couldn't be seen) is marketed as what every woman needs. Like any woman who doesn't have a metro-sexual-in-touch-with-their-feelings-and-does-ironing male partner, has an incomplete life without said partner!

Okay maybe i'm being a bit serious about it, but again it's misogyny and dependence on men marketed as a 'bit of fun'. And I am sick to the back teeth of everything being a 'bit of fun' personally. By everything obviously I mean the sex (or rather 'sexual liberation') that's shoved in my face, and the 'jokey' oppression of women, and other such annoyance/disturbance triggers which are masked in innocence and fun...like playboy products!

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At 11/1/07 16:40, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

The media says...
What men want = girlfriends with 36GGers and not much between the ears.
What women want = an adoring boyfriend...

So it's all saying that we are more than a tad dim??

At 12/1/07 15:24, Blogger Grace said...

Tis what is known in the trade as propaganda methinks!

At 11/12/07 00:01, Blogger Flora said...

aDon't men feel that some things about them are decided by women? Such as how much a man pleases a woman increases his virility?

But anyway, it was a real interesting read. Thanks!

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