A bit Short from Clare

Well, she replied at least, but I don't think it was even her who wrote that! I understand that she's probably very busy and so couldn't reply herself, at least I hope in a way because someone who is as anti-porn as she is would have more to say on the subject than that - especially as I detailed some of the stuff from Reader's Wives that Charliegrrl was talking about and also linked her to the post! AND I also asked her if I thought anything could be done, but that wasn't addressed. Charliegrrl's post is here but you've probably already read it!

The link that 'Clare Short' gave was this

The book looks interesting although I haven't read the whole body of text on the page yet as I am busy busy busy stressing over 3 assignments, and I saw my first offender today so i'm in shock! Nah not really, it was okay!

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At 12/1/07 08:17, Blogger Fanny Blood said...

that's a pathetic response!?!?! you should go and see her grace?

f x

At 12/1/07 15:05, Blogger Grace said...

I can't believe it was even from her really - because if she really does share my distate of pornography and had read the info on the link i gave her she'd have more to say than that!

Perhaps I will! She does come to the area every so often even though she's based in London (which I don't really get as she's not a central party member anymore!) - i'll have to see if there area any agendas for her sessions, the people of Ladywood, might disagree with using up their valuable community time on such frivolities* as porn!

*their possible opinion, not mine obviously.

At 13/1/07 15:13, Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Crap response - though I did enjoy reading Clair's experience in it all.

At 14/1/07 00:22, Blogger Maia said...

The book is worth reading.
Sad that her minions have given you such Short shrift... :-(

At 14/1/07 00:23, Blogger Maia said...

Ps first comment so many I should introduce myself - Hello!
Found you via Erika.

At 14/1/07 11:56, Blogger Fanny Blood said...

i wonder what the outcome would be if she did another book on the feelings of women and page 3 in the 21st century.

hummm ... if you do meet her, ask her grace.


At 14/1/07 16:14, Blogger Grace said...

Hello Maia! Yes I have seen you on Erika's blog! Thanks for commenting here =)

fb - interesting thought, indeed worth an ask - I don't know which way it would go myself - are less women bothered by it now because it's become 'empowering', or are they less bothered because it's tame compared to what's 'out there', OR are they just as bothered if not more than they were then but they are being dismissed as silly little feminists (that would be me and the people who commented on Double Negative - RJ's blog then!)


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